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Pranayamic (yogic) breathing through the instrument slows down respiration in graded manner and makes expiration twice longer than inspiration.

Pink City Lung Exerciser provides both such threshold and flow dependent resistance.

  • Improves strength of respiratory muscles.
  • Helps in expulsion of expectorate.
  • Reduces irritability of airways in asthmatic patients and controls severity of disease.
  • Achieves slight positive expiratory, which prevents dynamic expiratory bronchial collapse, thereby improving ventilation.
  • Prolonged expiration helps in better emptying of lungs thus allowing entry of more oxygenated air during inhalation.


1 – Be seated comfortably in a chair keeping you back straight in a silent room without disturbance.

3 – Place the mouthpiece into your mouth and hold with teeth and lips tightly.  Breath in and out through the device (Do not breath through nose). After taking breath in, hold for sometime.

5 – You may keep your eyes closed, stop thinking and listen the sound of your breathing. If holding lung exerciser between teeth is inconvenient, you may support it with hand.

7 – Reduce the revolving disc hole size to the next smaller at weekly interval, unless you are uncomfortable. After few weeks continue exerciser with the smallest possible hole.

2 – Bring the biggest hole of the revolving disc in front of disc hole with the body of the Pink City Lung Exerciser with the help of revolving disc knob.

4 – Breath in and out slowly and uniformaly to the maximum. Chest and abdomen should expand-out during inhalation and retract-in during exhalation. While exhaling, recite ‘OM’ in echo style.

6 – Please breath through the Pink City Lung Exerciser every morning and evening, empty stomach. Increase the duration of exerciser gradually to 15 minutes.

8 – Extra instructions for the patients suffering from asthma.

While inhaling, touch your tongue with the upper teeth and while exhaling, keep your tongue in normal position. Don’t exert excess pressure while breathing so that the mouth is least swolen due to air filled in it.


This instrument should not be used by:

  1. Seriously ill patients.
  2. Patients suffering from breathlessness, even on rest.
  3. Patients suffering from sore throat and/or common cold.

Every patients should have a separate instrument for use.


Pink City Lung Exerciser can be sterilized by spraying Healin-SED (instrument disinfectant) and after five minutes wipe the instrument with a clean and dry cloth and place in the box.

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